Social media has become a huge part of the business world in recent years, thanks largely to almost everyone adopting it in their lives. Whether it is catching up with friends on Facebook or keeping afloat of marketing trends through Twitter, social media has become an essential tool for everyday living.

Unfortunately, pretty much all big brands have adopted social media campaigns as a part of their marketing mix nowadays. This has made it a lot harder for your brand to be heard in the crowd of other social media marketers. These days, you need to do something special to make an impact online. On the bright side, there are plenty of social media marketers on hand sharing their tips and advise. Here’s who you should be following:

Neil Patel – @NeilPatel

Cofounder of a host of successful companies including KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, Neil Patel has made a truly massive impact online with his work in marketing. He has worked closely with huge online companies like Amazon to roll out highly successful marketing campaigns across multiple forms of media, including Twitter. His blog is a fantastic resource for budding social media marketers trying to get involved in the industry. Similarly, his Twitter feed is a goldmine for great guides, infographics and the occasional rib-tickler.

Pam Dyer – @PamDyer

With an extensive background in strategic online marketing, Pam Dyer is one of the biggest names in the business and for good reason. With a huge global footprint online, she has dedicated much of her time to improving businesses and informing others of the latest marketing trends and news. To keep up to date with current marketing campaigns and strategies, follow her on Twitter or give her blog a look.

Amy Porterfield – @AmyPorterfield

Amy Porterfield has a lot of useful things on her mind, and she loves to share them. With a focus on educating businesses about marketing strategies to boost profits, Amy knows her way around social media. Better yet, she is not shy to offer up insights – whether it is through her podcasts, blog posts, tweets or webinars.

Avinash Kaushik – @Avinash

Avinash is a published author, entrepreneur and marketing guru. He has worked closely with the biggest names online, including the biggest name – Google, as a digital marketing expert and content creator. In recent times, he has dedicated his time to Market Motive, a fantastic service that provides on-demand marketing education online. For some free resources, though, you should check out his Twitter page for his social media marketing advice.

Brian Clark – @BrianClark

Brian is a veteran of social media marketing, and has been working in online content marketing since 1998. He is the founder of the hugely successful website CopyBlogger, which provides valuable insights to marketers for free through their platform. Since then, his one-man blog has been transformed into a hefty digital commerce company with hundreds of thousands of clients. With a specialty in content marketing, he has cemented himself as a bonafide expert in his field. His work has been invaluable to countless online marketers since 2006, and he continues to offer up sage advice on his blog and on Twitter.

Pam Moore – @PamMktgNut

As active CEO and founder of Marketing Nutz, Pam Moore has helped countless businesses adopt their marketing to online platforms to great success. She is renowned for her consulting services online and her prolific posting on Twitter. Forbes were even nice enough to include her in their ?Top 5 Social Media Power Influencer Women?, but she isn?t much of a bragger. For some really useful links to her blog posts, check out her Twitter feed.

Susanna Gebauer – @DreckBaerFrau

As one of the founders of exploreB2B, Susanna Gebauer has already made a name for herself as a social media guru. With a background in strategy consultancy, Susanna has amassed a large following thanks to her insightful posts. It is highly recommended that you give her website and Twitter feed a good read, because it is full of great advice for social media marketers to soak up.

But who do you follow? Which marketing gurus do you recommending taking tips and advice from? Let us know below!