Making a success of your brands social media is all a matter of taste. Sure, it helps having a huge marketing budget, but smaller businesses can do incredibly well online if they take the time to make worthwhile content. A great example of a smaller company that absolutely nails their social media presence is Letterfolk, a family-run business that sells handcrafted letter boards. A quick browse through their Instagram will give you a general idea of how creative, stylish and appealing their posts can be.

All of that high quality posting by Letterfolk has seriously paid off for this small company. They have a following of nearly 200,000 on Instagram, which is incredibly impressive considering this is a husband and wife team that do all of this on their own back.

Unfortunately, there is no specific formula that Letterfolk use that you can emulate for your brand. However, this post is going to dive into Letterfolk?s online presence to offer some insights about how they have done so well online. From things like high quality images to their endearing sense of humour, there are lots of little things that make up Letterfolk?s fantastic Instagram strategy. So, if you?re looking to learn from the success of a small business online, read on!

Stunning, Self-Promoting Imagery

Letterfolk have amassed a huge following online, thanks largely to how they handle their brand online. One of the most important parts of their strategy is using high quality images of their product, posed in an appealing way. This has proved to be a great form of self-promotion for their letter boards, thanks to some aesthetically pleasing photography.

A great example of this can be seen in the above image, where they have announced a pop-up event through their Instagram. Instantly, you will notice the attention to detail that has goneĀ into the design, lighting and overall aesthetic of the picture. It?s bright, inviting and tells you exactly what you need to know. More than that, though, it is a glorious form of self-promotion. If someone in their audience ever needs to announce a meeting, bake sale or event, they might have just been inspired to buy this letter board and try it for themselves.

Engaging, Entertaining Content

One of Letterfolk?s biggest draws is their consistently engaging content that keeps their audience thoroughly entertained and coming back for more. They have struck a great balance of crisp images, appealing themes and funny turns of phrase. What?s more impressive though, is how universal a lot of their posts feel. Everyone loves donuts, or can at least appreciate what they stand for. Letterfolk use that to make their posts as relatable as possible, in a bid to grow their already massive audience.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to emulate this sort of a thing with your brand without some practice and finding your brand?s ?voice? or tone online. Letterfolk have a very strong ability to create quotables that have the potential to go viral, which is really hard to do. As a general tip though, you should always keep it as inclusive and entertaining as can be. You can use other popular posts as inspiration, but be original. From there, the post should do most of the heavy lifting for you!

They’re Real and Genuine

Letterfolk are a very self-aware brand online, and they play to their own strengths. They know that they cannot compete with the huge marketing budgets of big companies like Starbucks. To their absolute credit, they use this to their advantage – they create homely, genuine posts that feel like they have come from a real person, as opposed to a marketing department. This really helps cement their entire brand, which is all about how their audience can relate to their product.

One of the ways that Letterfolk manage to maintain this online presence is through user generated content. Like the example above, they have blended a lot of their own character into a really light-hearted, family-friendly post. Moreover, they have used a great image that was generated by one of their customers. This self-promotion is fantastic, because it lets the audience do the heavy lifting in terms of creating the content.

By embracing their mom and pop style of branding, Letterfolk have managed to create an incredibly popular brand on Instagram. They have made their profile incredibly inclusive for their audience thanks to their user-generated content, while managing to keep their warm, family-friendly tone. Most importantly, the high quality images have been consistent, along with viral quotables and their clever use of product placement.


Letterfolk are a fantastic example of a small brand that has managed to dominate Instagram with their posts. Although they are a business ran by a husband and wife, they have managed to garner a huge following online. This post has looked at what they have done that has helped grow that audience, from creating engaging content to inviting their audience into their world through user-generated content. There is definitely a lot that can be learned from how Letterfolk have made use of Instagram.

They are a testament to the idea that a good business can flourish online without a massive marketing budget. All it takes is high quality content, a solid understanding of your audience and making their brand feel genuine. If your brand has a limited budget for marketing but is looking to succeed online, you can definitely learn a thing or two from Letterfolk.