There are a handful of brands that have made a name for themselves based on their social media campaigns. Charmin are one of those lucky few, thanks to a smart, tongue-in-cheek personality that captivates their audience. Even more impressive is their lack of cringey toilet humour in their posts – something that would be too easy for a toilet paper company to fall back on.

It is definitely an uphill battle to make toilet paper an appealing talking point, but Charmin have been very successful thanks to their blend of comedy and audience engagement. Their consistently praised presence on platforms like Twitter and Facebook has helped Charmin grow into one of the most likeable brands around. One of their strongest draws is their light-hearted and comical campaigns on Twitter.

This blog post is going to take a look at Charmin?s use of comedy on social media, how they use it and how your brand can learn from it. From creative contests to sassy online interactions, there is much to learn from Charmin?s social media marketing efforts.


One of Charmin?s best known talking points is their wildly popular hashtag, #tweetfromtheseat. This marketing campaign has become a daily talking point on Twitter, with users regularly tweeting comical lines from their porcelain thrones. Whether it is talking politics, discussing a problem or just having a chat, #tweetfromtheseat helps add a little extra humour into tweets. For Charmin, this is a marketing campaign that has managed to stay relevant for years – and it doesn?t look like it?s going anywhere.

Where Charmin really succeeded with this campaign is in understanding their audience. According to Time magazine, 40 % of young adults use social media while in the bathroom. So Charmin have targeted this largely overlooked demographic to great effect with this campaign. Their tweets regularly invite audience participation, such as asking questions or advice. Charmin even bring in other events, brands and campaigns to generate even more engagement.

There?s a lot that you can take away from the success of this marketing campaign. A deep understanding of your audience, as well as your unique selling point, is vital for a marketing campaign to succeed. Also, getting the tone right is crucial for your brand to grow online. Charmin have brought a smart, sassy type of humour to the table – but use the tone that best suits your brand. It doesn?t have to be over the top comical, but a little bit of humour often works well on platforms like Twitter.

Interacting with Other Brands

According to Charmin, their brand is a playful instigator that never crosses the line with their jokes. This type of personality has worked perfectly for them, and has helped build a solid relationship with their audience as well as other brands. Charmin are well known for their playful back-and-forths with other big brands on platforms like Twitter, and it seems to pay off rather well. By not taking themselves too seriously, Charmin can have a joke with other brands and not receive any flack for it.

The above tweet was directed to Metamucil, a fibre dietary supplement that helps digestion and promotes bathroom regularity. Charmin were quick to make a comical connection between the two brands, which worked really well for both companies. By keeping the humour light, smart and cheeky, Charmin made sure they would appeal to as many people as possible.

It takes a little bit of inventiveness, but if you can think of a related brand that you can create campaigns with then you can expand your audience in a flash. There?s also the wildcard aspect of ?going viral? with a particularly good post, but viral content is incredibly hard to anticipate. Instead, focus on your tone and think about any potential brand partnerships you can work towards. Just remember – a little bit of comedy can go a long way!

Listening to their Audience

Being a source of entertainment online is great, but it only goes so far. Charmin are not only funny online, but they actively listen to feedback from their audience. For Charmin this is easy, thanks to their solid rapport with their community. They have spent a great deal of time creating entertaining posts and campaigns for their audience, but they go the extra mile and monitor their fans feedback. This can help tremendously with future posts, as it allows Charmin to tap into their audience?s thoughts.

By listening to their audience, Charmin can do a much better job of finding the right tone to use in a post, or how funny it should be. In short, they use their audience?s feedback to strike a balance in their posts. Better yet, the posts can be tweaked to work better on specific platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and the platform?s audience can help with that.

If you are not listening to your current audience, you are doing them a huge dis-service. Worst still, you aren?t giving your brand the best possible chance to succeed online. Start interacting with your audience whether it is on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Look to establish what your audience would like, and start to consider how you can give them that. Then, throw some stuff at them and see what sticks. It is really important to get feedback at this stage, too, so that you know where you went right or wrong. This will help you with any future campaigns, so that you can find the perfect balance for your audience.


Charmin are hands-down the best social media marketers in the world of toilet paper. Their methods aren?t limited to the realms of the bathroom, either, which is great news because they have found incredible success online. Whether it is through their own charming wit, or their inventive competitions, Charmin consistently put out great content for their audience. A lot of this is down to their ability to listen to what their audience are calling for. By tailoring their content using the advice of their audience, Charmin rarely get it wrong.

If your brand wants to learn anything from the success of this brand online, it is this: be genuine and listen to your audience. Whether it is through comedy, education or bombast, if it is genuine and tailored to your viewers, then it will likely be met with great reception.