There are some brands that just seem to know what works well online. Oreo are a prime example of a company that has their finger on the pulse of social media, with a huge following online across multiple social media channels and frequent high quality posts.

It?s quite clear that Oreo spend a great deal of time marketing online, and it has definitely paid off for their brand. Their blend of wit, warmth and extremely well-crafted marketing messages and campaigns has helped the company behind the little black and white cookie grow into one of the biggest and best online brands around.

Like countless others before us, we look at the success of companies like Oreo online and ask the question – how did they do it?

Well, this post is going to dive head first into some of Oreo?s most successful content to see what we can learn from the undeniable cookie king. We will be looking at some of the social media platforms that Oreo prefer to use, how they have garnered success there and what your company can do to emulate their success.

Oreo?s Take on Twitter

Twitter is where Oreo have managed to showcase some of their most popular marketing campaigns. It is definitely a platform that they feel comfortable using, which is down to their incredibly quick uptake of trends and upcoming events.

For example, when the latest video games consoles were released back in 2013, Oreo created an ?alternative? controller featuring a couple of cookies for analogue sticks. This lead to a great back-and-forth between Oreo and Microsoft which boosted both brands personal engagement with their audiences.

Keeping things sweet – Oreo focuses on quality, original visual content, with a little humour thrown in too.

More recently, Oreo have used celebrity endorsements and pretty visuals such as images and videos to spread their brand message.

Although you might not be able to hire Neymar or Christina Aguilera to promote your product, you should focus on the visual appeal of your image designs. Oreo?s biggest success here is never compromising on a lower quality post – everything they put to Twitter is of the highest quality. So for your brand campaigns, remember not to skimp on the quality and to keep it up.

Oreo?s Approach to Facebook

Although it is only updated once or twice a month, Oreo?s Facebook page is filled to the brim with lots of great visual content. Much like Twitter, Oreo make sure that their page looks the part.

From their high quality profile picture to custom tabs for contests, their Facebook presence has been built to engage their audience.

One particular contest, dubbed ?My Oreo Creation? has received a lot of positive attention. In short, they want their customers to decide what new cookie creation they will be rolling out. Oh, and they offer a cool 500 grand to the winner. So it?s understandably created quite a buzz online.

Just like Twitter, Oreo?s Facebook page is used as a platform to showcase how awesome their brand is.

This is achieved by crisp, quality videos and images as well as creative promotions and contests. You might not have the budget of Oreo to offer half a million dollars for a prize, but you can certainly run creative contests with equally inventive prizes.

Another thing to take away from how Oreo handles Facebook is to keep the quality content up! It might not be posted as frequently as on Twitter, which is all the more reason to make your visuals fantastic.

How Oreo Sees Instagram

If you?ve been paying attention, it should come as no surprise that Oreo?s strongest social platform might be Instagram. Their rich visuals are perfectly suited for Instagram, and Oreo?s target market is predominantly found there. With over 2 million followers on this image-friendly platform, Oreo can get a lot done with their marketing campaigns.

To get a good idea of what makes up Oreo?s successful marketing campaigns on Instagram, you just need to glance at their content. It is incredibly vivid and uses vibrant colour schemes to captivate their audience. This bright colour scheme can be seen all over their Instagram page, which highlights how important these features are to their overall image.

So, if you are looking to grab the attention of your audience on Instagram – do not skimp on aesthetics.

So In Summary…

There is a lot to take away from the success of Oreo?s social media campaigns.

It is clear that they have tapped into a very successful way of promoting their brand, with millions of followers dotted across different platforms. Although a lot of their success is a result of a huge marketing budget, smaller brands can learn a lot from how they roll out their campaigns.

Celebrity endorsements and six figure marketing budgets aside – your brand should create interesting and entertaining content that will engage.

Finally, use that engagement to encourage your audience to create content for you; to that end, contests are a great way to get that started. Whether this is through incredibly well designed images for Instagram or an inventive contest on Facebook, you can tap into Oreo?s success without a multi-million dollar budget.