Right, I’m not going to fluff this post up with an introduction. Let’s just get to my list of free essential social media analytics tools you ought to be using:


These are the social media analytics tools which can be used cross-network. I personally prefer having all my data in one place which is why these tools are ideal. However, as they tend to cover a lot of analytics, they’re not as in-depth. 


Now, bear with me here as I’m well aware Bit.ly isn’t a true social media analytics tool.

But if you’re going to do any form of analytics when it comes to social media it has to be tracking clicks. What is the point of throwing all your time and money behind social media if you’re picking up no traffic whatsoever.

It’s as simple as heading over to Bit.ly, signing up for a free account and then shortening your URLs before sharing it on social media.

You can of course create links for each social network as well so you can fully understand which social networks are working well for you.


Naturally, we are huge advocates of Buffer and it’s why they’re on this list.

With a paid account, Buffer do provide extensive social analytics but if you’re on a budget and looking for a free tool then Buffer still do provide a few essential analytics that make signing up for their free plan a no-brainer.

Before I even delve into what Buffer has to offer, for free, I need to give credit to Julia Cummings. She’s a Happiness Hero at Buffer who explained what free users of Buffer get in terms of analytics as I’m someone who has always had a paid account.

The analytics that you do receive for free at Buffer may be basic but are useful nevertheless.

For each and every social post you make, Buffer can show you the potential reach of those posts, the number of clicks the links in those posts received along with the social sharing (comments, retweets etc) that those posts received.

This gives you an insight into which of your social posts are working well and which are not.

It’s also particularly useful inside the Buffer system as if an evergreen post has worked particularly well, you can simply hit Re-Buffer to add it back into your future posting schedule.


These are the free analytics tools you can use solely with your Facebook pages. 

Facebook Page Insights

Before going off to look for an external tool to analyse your Facebook page, one of the best places to get started is at Facebook themselves.

Facebook Insights offers extensive information about your Facebook page. This includes:

  • The engagement you’re receiving on your posts
  • The demographics of your page’s fans
  • An overview of how your page’s likes have changed over time

In fact, their insights are so insightful (sorry) that I’d advise checking out all the data they provide before considering any other tools.


If you find analytics easier to understand where presented visually then Sociograph is going to be up your alley.

It’s a simple tool that will analyse your Facebook page and the posts you make.

It’ll even provide a rating for each of your posts based on the engagement it receives (likes, shares and comments).

The only draw back with Socialgraph is that it will only analyse posts from when you sign up and not any posts you made in the past.

Agorapulse Page Barometer

What I love about Agorapulse’s Page Barometer is that it provides something you can’t easily get within Facebook’s Insights.

With the Barometer, you can compare your Facebook page with the average Facebook page of roughly the same size. This means you can compare your reach, engagement, and click rate and see if your page is performing better or worse than average.

The UI is simple. The data clear.

That’s why I’d highly recommend anyone who markets on Facebook to grab a free account to benchmark their page.


These are the free analytics tools you can use solely with your Twitter accounts. 

Twitter’s Own Analytics

I love Twitter’s analytics.

Everything you could possibly want to know about your Twitter account is there and easy to find. Whether that’s discovering your top new followers, understanding the demographics and interests of your followers, or finding out which of your tweets are receiving the most engagement.

There’s honestly not much more to say about Twitter’s Analytics. You just need to go and check yours out now.


Known predominantly for their SEO tools, Moz also own Followerwonk, a Twitter research and analytics tool.

Plans start for free but that does limit you some what however if your account is small and you only want to use the tool occasionally then having a free account will certainly suffice.

Followerwonk can analyse your followers and who you follow and provide an array of information covering when those people are most active on Twitter, where they are located, the common keyboards they use, their social authority and so much more.

As well as being able to analyse your current account, you can also use Followerwonk to find new Twitter accounts to follow based on keywords.

What I particular love about Followerwonk is the ability to sort the results by social authority making it incredibly easy to discover influencers on Twitter.

Agorapulse Twitter Analytics

Another fantastic free tool from Agorapulse and this time it’s for Twitter.

With their Twitter Analytics, you can get a simple snapshot of how your Twitter account has performed for the past 30 days. So if you haven’t got time to trawl through pages of data then it’s a great way to get an overview of how you’re doing on Twitter.

There are just 6 stats but they are all you really need to get an overview of your performance on Twitter.


This is the free analytics tool you can use when on Instagram.

Smart Metrics

OK, I will admit it, Smart Metrics is only free for those Instagram accounts with up to 1,000 followers and photos combined. However, there are so few quality, free, useful Instagram analytics tools that I had to include it here.

Smart Metrics is actually one of the most comprehensive social media analytics tools we’ve seen for any social network.

Missed Anything?

That’s my summary of the top free social media analytics tools.

I know there are posts out there with 100 free tools, 150 free tools and so on.

But instead of giving you analytics overload, I wanted to focus on 9 tools you could use alongside one another to provide you with all the analytics you could want.

But have I missed any that are essential to your social media strategy? Let me know down below: